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“Lamont” Says He & Redd Foxx Were Treated Like Dirt On Sanford & Son

Demond Wilson and Redd Foxx played junk men on Sanford and Son but their network didn’t have to treat them like they were for real. Well at least that’s what happened according to Demond Wilson a.k.a. “Lamont.” Demond revealed some shocking information about how NBC treated two of their top ranking stars back in the day.

“Prior to Redd and I, there was only one[black show on television there was Amos and Andy. Other shows at the time were not Black shows, there were Blacks in shows. There hasn’t been an all Black sitcom in years. They stick all of Black sitcoms today on Cable. Redd and I we were breaking ground, we were making history. There was no play book that they could govern Redd and myself because there hadn’t been anybody like us before.”

We were dressing in the men’s room. When our first show aired the ratings went through the roof and then Redd and I started dealing with them like men. Redd and I were making history and they tried to deal with us like we were third-class field hands and we said ‘NO that’s not happening!’ I was recently back from Vietnam and Redd grew up in the streets, and so I’m from Harlem, Redd is from St. Louis but he spent a lot of time in Harlem. I have been silent for over 30 years. I have not spoken out against the atrocities that were perpetrated against us.

After Redd Foxx became completely fed up with the treatment they were enduring he left the show.

Contrary to popular belief, Sanford and Son was never canceled, you don't cancel a show in the top ten- Red decided to leave.

Demond became an ordained minister in 1984

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Fred is a 65-year-old junk dealer with an alleged heart condition. He served in World War II as a paratrooper and got a bayonet wound in his stomach. Lamont is 34-years-old and  a reluctant partner in the business of Sanford & Son Salvage.

One day, he hopes to make more of himself. But, until that day, Lamont stays with his dad and suffers his grumpiness and curmudgeonly ways. Every time Lamont threatens to leave, Fred clasps one hand across his heart, starts to stagger and shouts skyward to his deceased wife "I’m coming to join you, Elizabeth, this is the big one." Fred’s highest compliment is to call someone a "Big Dummy!" The Sanford's collect and deliver their junk and other questionable antiques in a red 1962 Ford pickup and a 1947 Mercury M-47 truck.

Fred’s relatives included Aunt Ethel [Lamont’s favorite] and Elizabeth’s sister, Aunt Esther Anderson who calls Fred an "Old Fish-eyed Fool."

Fred reciprocates and calls her "Ugly" and variations on that theme]. Once, he cried “You are so ugly that if you pressed your face in some'd have gorilla cookies.”

Aunt Esther ran the Sanford Arms, a run-down rooming house next to the junkyard. Fred’s friends included Melvin, Bubba Hoover, Grady Wilson and Nurse Donna Harris, a romantic interest and possible new wife for Fred.

Lamont’s friend included his best friend Rollo Larson, Julio Fuentes, an Hispanic neighbor and Janet Lawson, a divorcee [later Lamont’s fiancée] with a young son, Roger.